Directors's Message

Message from Director (Marketing), IndianOil

Greetings from IndianOil!

On behalf of the IndianOil Family, I extend a cordial welcome to all delegates and participants of ‘In Tandem 2.0 – OPTI-CHAIN 2019’. We look forward to having you in our midst during the conclave to deliberate issues and challenges facing the supply chain industry.

In today’s times, knowledge is growing exponentially. Product and services are rapidly facing obsolescence; the world looks for game-changing inventions and disruptive innovations, while change becomes the new reality. Today, one either innovates or perishes.
Modern day supply chain needs to be built on innovative strategies, technological advances and skillful resource optimization. In oil & gas industry, the challenge is to build inbound supply chain that can manage long-term growth while remaining flexible and responsive enough to handle short-term volatility and demand. Companies are facing turbulent times as they navigate tariff deals with global impact, geo-political uncertainties and new technologies that are adding fresh dimensions and further complexities to supply logistics.
In such a scenario, In Tandem 2.0 offers a platform to share ideas and keep abreast with latest technological innovations in the industry. The structure of the Conclave is designed in a way that covers the most recent innovations, trends, concerns and practical challenges and solutions adopted in the field of Enterprise and Supply Chain Management in Oil & Gas sector. This Conclave is a golden opportunity for the industry professionals stay tuned to innovations and technological breakthroughs that are changing the way we work and live.
Let us continuously endeavour to improve our process productivity chain through digital transformation. My best wishes for the success of “In Tandem 2.0 – OPTI-CHAIN 2019”.
Gurmeet Singh
Director (Marketing), Indian Oil Corporation Limited