Executive Directors's Message

Message from Executive Director (Supplies), IndianOil

On behalf of the organising committee, it gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the second edition of In-Tandem.

In-Tandem, is a unique event in the Oil & Gas sector, envisioned to create a common platform to share the latest trends on digitization, latest developments and innovative applications from industry context in general and from Downstream Supply Hubs in particular. Purpose is to have a confluence of conventional operational practices with latest digital trends.
Oil and Gas supply chain is on the cusp of substantial change as digital transformation is opening up huge opportunities to operators, service companies, and suppliers. It is high time to discuss how digital evolution can transform our entire supply chain by increasing visibility, boosting transparency, creating efficiencies, improving integration & optimization there by identifying and address issues in real time. While uninterrupted supply of petroleum product remains the top most priority for IOCL, there is a huge potential for unlocking value in several elements of supply chain from crude procurement to delivery in customer tanks (C to C). Optimization of logistic cost has the potential to significantly upgrade the bottom line of company in this competitive scenario.
The Intelligent Supply Chain conclave themed as- “In Tandem2.0 – OPTI-CHAIN-2019” is a major step in this direction. The name thoughtfully signifies the collaboration of Technology with supply chain. The theme and the content has been carefully chosen to deliberate on modern digitization initiatives like big data, digital twins, block chains, IoT, Cloud to cater with future challenges of supply chain . The green color signifies IOCL’s focus and quest for Environment friendliness and care.
The 2 Day conclave is pressed on achieving innovation, maximizing supply chain profitability and increasing visibility and flexibility to mitigate risk. Understand the future role of Chief Supply Chain Manager.
In Tandem2.0 – OPTI-CHAIN-2019 is an opportunity for us to interact with the experts and pioneers behind the breakthrough innovations that are changing the world. We intend to learn from the global industry leaders and get acquainted with the latest trends in downstream supply chain which are bringing a paradigm shift in the profitability and sustainability of the organization. The list of speakers and topics have been chosen to provide a “hands on” perspective regarding supply chain digitisation.
I am confident that In Tandem 2.0 will witness enriching deliberations and collaborations, catalyst holistic energy solutions, while providing a rewarding experiences to all participants. I took forward to welcoming our distinguished guests and invitees, speakers, delegates, exhibitors and visitors at New Delhi to be a part of In Tandem 2.0
Rakesh Sehgal
Executive Director (Supplies),
Mktg. Head Office, Mumbai