Role of Operations Department in Supply Chain

The Operations department of IndianOil is at the centre stage of Marketing Division with core function of Receipt, Storage & Distribution to various customers through its channel partners or directly to the end users. The other departments for carrying out its functioning include Shipping, S&D, Quality Control, Aviation and Consumer & Retail Sales. There are other supporting functions like Safety, Maintenance & Inspection and Engineering & Projects.

Strict systems and Standard Operating procedures have been formulated in line with Government polices & regulations to ensure that every drop of the petroleum products marketed by IndianOil fully conforms to the most stringent quality specifications. Delivery of high quality products from IndianOil locations also ensures safe operations and environment-friendliness.

Evolution is the basic principle for the development and growth of anything. The industry evolved also from the age of early industrial revolution to current industry 4.0. Operations department is future ready with its smart Infrastructure to meet the growing demand.