SMART Terminals – Heart of Supply Chain

Operations department has embarked upon SMART terminal concept in order to automate processes at 125 supply points and develop State of Art Location. This initiative has been taken to strengthen our core business competency. This is also aimed to improve our operating efficiency, speed of operation, enhance safety, reduce cost, bring enhanced transparency and lead to ease of operation along with accountability in all our activities.

The underlying concept is that operation will be taken care by automation and centralized control where as the manpower positioned at location will focus on maintenance, safety, security and new initiatives. With rising complexities of automated systems and installation of new equipments under MBLR compliance, maintenance has become a specialized job and running of these terminals are dependent on the maintenance of these equipments.

Most of the manual activities carried at operating locations have been automated by installing a number of latest gadgets and integrating them into a seamless automated solution.

Activities at Oil Terminals have changed from Operation Centric to Maintenance centric. Any malfunctioning of the equipments is going to disrupt the operations. Maintenance of these SMART infrastructures is going to be a major challenge. IndianOil, Operations group is organizing a Maintenance Conclave to brainstorm the future strategy for maintenance and sustainability of these SMART Infrastructures as we graduate from Preventive maintenance to Predictive maintenance regime.

We invite you to be part of this Supply Chain Conclave which is going to shape the future supply chain management strategy in Oil and Gas sector. This makes for a perfect backdrop to discuss, deliberate and show case the emerging technologies. This conclave will be a forum to bring together opportunities for learning and sharing between the oil industry and technology providers. A one of its kind initiative, the convention will bring forth diverse companies and dignitaries on one platform, to critically discuss various themes of achieving Logistics Excellence and explore giant business collaborations.